MADP Vidyalaya is a co-educational school. It uses the best practices available in Education to help the students develop into an individual with all rounded personality. We ensure to facilitate out of the four walls learning along with developing individuals with a wide range of skills and abilities. The focus remains on encouraging analytical and creative instincts. The curriculum we follow has a strong flavor of multiculturalism with universal values. A lot of importance is given to education which helps in building of character. It is imperative that we promote a process of learning where the outcome is a global citizen with values to make world a better place, a citizen who is economically productive, an individual who is confident, has integrity and is compassionate.

Learning is a life-long process. Quality education is provided to every learner. The curriculum offered for students is based on the premise that the individual student is the center of all teaching-learning. The staff at the MADP is sensitive to the needs of the students and the teacher is not only a facilitator but also becomes group coordinator. There is emphasis on experiential teaching-learning method. The faculty works hard at maintaining academic standards as well as behavioral standards. We strongly feel and practice integrating values with technology and encourage creative freedom, progressive thinking and –“a mind without any fear”.

The students today want an education that meets their individual needs, and opportunities that connect them to what is happening around the world. They challenge us to be innovative and to make learning environment more exciting, challenging and rewarding. At MADP, we try to do things in new or different ways. It may range from continuous improvement of existing practices through transformation of how we achieve goals or rethink what those goals are.

We offer learning environment in which case studies, presentations, digital stories, podcasts and other resources are used.